AquTitle Residential Title Services provides you with the best representatives to handle all the settlements and provide title insurance to our residents. Our residential title and escrow Company is committed to offering all kinds of residential title and closing services and insuring title against future complications.  Our residential title search service caters to real estate brokers, agents, and their customers for residential real estate transactions. 

  • As a fully tech-enabled title insurance provider, we work with all parties to streamline the home-buying process while also providing buyers with long-term protection on their newly acquired assets against fraudulent claims, liens, and more. 
  • Not just buyers, we cater to the needs of sellers too. Want a licensed real estate professional to assist in the sales process? Or an established residential title and escrow services like ours to represent your rights fully and accurately throughout the closing process? AquTitle is here to help! 
  • Whether you are preparing to sell your property, trying to determine the asking price, in the process of selecting a real estate professional, showing your home to potential buyers, or preparing for the close, we offer a full suite of solutions to ensure that your rights, as the seller, are protected. 

Get assistance from the right Residential title services in Houston, Tx! 

Our residential title company in Houston, Tx gets a single solution for all things real estate and ensures a seamless, on-time closing.

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