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Ready for a Smooth Closing?

The Trusted Technology Partner for Digital Closings

Fast | Accurate | Trusted


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The Solutions We Offer

Buyers and Sellers Title Services

Are you looking to buy or sell a property? We put you in touch with the best in the business. Contact our highly ranked local experts today for your buyers and sellers title services. Our team is vetted and verified and here to ensure you get the most accurate title and escrow services.

We keep your interests top of mind and make our property title search and closing services a worthwhile experience. Our property buyers and sellers’ services help you buy or sell a home with confidence.

Close your journey with us!

We’re confident we’re the right choice for you. Choose us as your buyers and sellers title company and we will help you walk through each step of your closing journey maintaining full transparency till your closing day.

Buyers and Sellers Title Services Title Company Houston, Marble Falls
Realtors & Real Estate Agents Title Services Best Title Company in Houston, Marble Falls

Realtors Service

Nowadays, the real estate industry is driven by technology. We AquTitle offer you full service realtor services to assist you in everything from listing your property to completing price negotiations by leveraging an industry-leading technology platform with deep human expertise. 

Our realtor service offer a whole package to ensure the best customer experience and real estate business solutions. Use our network to grow your business at no extra cost. 

Connect with our experts! 

Hire our title company and Buyers and Sellers Title Services to complete a simple, cost-effective closing, real estate business solutions that will ensure great word of mouth and repeat customers.

Lenders Escrow and Title Services

AquTitle Lenders’ Escrow and Title Services offers a single source to assist and settle all your purchase, refinance, and equity transactions. Our professionals are ready to handle all your title needs in an efficient manner. We treat each of our customers’ transactions as if it were our own, and we thoroughly understand their needs. Our experts guide our customers throughout the title transaction process. We assign an escrow team to ensure that customers experience a seamless transaction from lender application to closing.

We are a renowned Lenders Escrow and Title Services Houston, TX. Our professionals acquired years of experience and worked in tandem with the requirements of our real estate lending agents through every stage of the title workflow process. Thus, our expertise in market knowledge helps us avoid market-specific obstacles that could delay a closing timeline.

Let’s work together!

Hire our lender escrow company for a timely closing without any obstacles.

Contact us today, we are standing by ready to help!

Lenders Escrow and Title Services
Home Builders and Developers Title Services

Home Builders Title Services

Our home builder title company is on the path to transforming how we handle each client or buyer request with diligence. Title buyers are also increasingly and actively looking at options that deliver a technology edge and enable a swift flow toward the closing process – otherwise seen as an increasingly complex journey.

Our team is well-aware of emerging innovations in home buying space to facilitate the settlements and urban dwellers looking ahead to a home builders title search. A custom bundle of home builders’ services is poised to make a mark in the estate industry and impact market dynamics in and around Houston

Real Estate Title Attorneys

With rising competition and changing estate dynamics from a legal and compliance perspective, the ask for real estate title attorneys is also burgeoning. Title enthusiasts also search for professional title attorneys to get the best deals and closures in line with prevailing estate laws and regulatory frameworks.

As an attorney title company catering to Houston and the outskirts, we have collaborated with real estate agents, brokers, third-party intermediaries, and asset managers. A stable framework of attorney closing solutions company is built around people’s trust and wins confidence with a hassle-free approach and transparency as a real estate attorney title services company.

Real Estate Title Attorneys-Lawyers Services
Real estate Investors Title Services

Investors Title Services

  • Investment in title portfolios has gained a new perspective as individuals look at changing rates and challenging premiums. From smooth deals and straightforward brokerage on investor titles services, passionate teams go the extra mile. An investor title company ideally has expertise in residential as well as commercial investors titles to enable an entire seamless process, thereby also securing mortgages, streamlining title investments, and extending vital back-office support.
  • A title transaction involves stringent rules and a lot more contractual obligations to help with the gamut of investors’ title services across the spectrum of buyers and broker agents. As a well-versed investor title company, our team is trained on frameworks designed to simply real estate investments and ease claims processing with the ability to make timely payments towards individual investor claims.

Our Cutting-Edge Technology Saves You Time and Money

The Services We Provide

AquTitle Residential Title Services provides you with the best representatives to handle all the settlements and provide title insurance to our residents. Our residential services are committed to offering all kinds of residential title and closing services and insuring title against future complications.  Our residential title search service caters to real estate brokers, agents, and their customers for residential real estate transactions. 

  • As a fully tech-enabled title insurance provider, we work with all parties to streamline the home buying process while also providing buyers with long-term protection on their newly acquired assets against fraudulent claims, liens, and more. 
  • Not just buyers, we cater to the needs of sellers too. Want a licensed real estate professional to assist in the sales process? Or an established residential title and escrow services like ours to represent your rights fully and accurately throughout the closing process? AquTitle is here to help! 
  • Whether you are preparing to sell your property, trying to determine the asking price, in the process of selecting a real estate professional, showing your home to potential buyers, or preparing for the close, we offer a full suite of solutions to ensure that your rights, as the seller, are protected. 

Get assistance from the right title company! 

Hire our residential title company to get a single solution for all things real estate and ensure a seamless, on-time closing.

Residential Title Services
Residential Title Services

If you’re considering taking advantage of a lower loan rate, if you want to refinance your mortgage, or if you want to re-examine the title with a reliable refinance settlement company to make sure it has no liens or judgments, you will be required to purchase lender’s title insurance. AquTitle helps you to refinance title insurance to protect your property investment at every stage in the life of the property.

Refinancing the title on your home can be just as exciting as receiving keys for the first time. While achieving a lower rate for your fixed mortgage can provide numerous benefits, a title refinance settlement can also be just as stressful if mishandled. Due diligence at this important stage is an absolute must to prevent issues in the long-term ownership of a home.

Whether you’re a loan officer or a homeowner on the lookout for a reliable refinance title company, we are determined to help you and create a lasting impression through our work. We undoubtedly offer only refinance title services to focus on YOU, the customer, and your experiences by enabling simple and transparent transactions on a single platform from title open to close.

Get ready to refinance!

Hire our reliable refinance title service to facilitate a seamless closing process.

We have a team of seasoned professionals that acknowledge the ever-changing face of real estate commercial title services and are truly committed to your success story. Be it multifamily units, office high-rises, or retail stores, Aqutitle provides the right tools and resources for every commercial title insurance transaction.

AquTitle offers complete commercial title services for all kinds of real estate title requirements. Our professionals handle complicated settlements with ease. The process begins with a thorough title search to identify any liens or hidden issues that can cause concern during closing and finally settle all concerns for a smooth closing.

Our Commercial Title Service is preferred by a wide range of commercial clients. We offer comprehensive expertise to all our clients. From acquisitions to refinancing to note sales, our escrow officers   and underwriters provides quick decisions backed by advanced technology for efficient closing.

  • Our highly trained and licensed staff is fully equipped to process all sorts of “non-title” or commercial transactions involving multiple parties that need a neutral third party to handle money and documents.
  • We are one of the few Commercial Title and Escrow Services—commercial title services—to have partnered with “A” rated underwriters who have the financial strength to keep one of your most valuable assets secure.

Get help from our commercial title expert!

Hiring our full-service title company will ensure all commercial transactions are handled seamlessly.

Commercial Title Services
exchage service

AquTitle is among the leading providers of 1031 exchange services. We also provide a tax-deferred 1031 exchange service to allow you to dispose of investment properties and re-invest sales proceeds that would have been paid as taxes.  Our experts offer their expertise on strong financial knowledge and heighten customer satisfaction with its services. We make it possible for you to have seamless exchange transactions.

Buying and selling property can be a great investment option. However, property investors might lose equity when the sale of a property requires capital gains taxes. With AquTitle’s 1031 Exchange services in Houston, TX, sometimes called “Starker Exchange,” individuals are allowed to sell an investment property, or properties, of equal or greater value while deferring any payment of capital gains to the IRS.

Aqutitle 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange Services help investors maintain their equity and save on taxes through tax-deferred exchanges by providing the following:

  • Act as your qualified intermediary.
  • process your exchange in conjunction with your closing
  • Sign all your documents with no extra steps.

Collaborate with experts in 1031 tax-deferred services!

Partner with the leading title company in TX for tax-deferred 1031 exchanges. To defer taxes, our expertise encourages 1031 exchanges of investment properties.

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