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How To Read a Title Commitment?

In nearly every real estate contract the seller agrees to provide the buyer with title insurance. Before closing we will send you a “title commitment” for your review. The title commitment is essentially our promise (i.e., commitment) to issue the title insurance policy after closing, and contains the same terms, conditions and exclusions that will be in the actual title insurance policy. The title commitment also identifies any specific requirements that need to be addressed prior to closing so that the title policy can be issued.

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Why Are Land Surveys Important?

Whether you are purchasing an existing home, acreage in the country, or a lot in a new subdivision, a land survey can be an important step in protecting your investment. Some banks still require a land survey in order to approve a mortgage; however, in the last few years many institutions have been more relaxed with that requirement. Because of this, land surveys are often overlooked and without one, homeowners can run into potential issues.

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